Advisory boards at Penn date back to 1928 when the Statutes of the Corporation, which outline governance procedures for the University, were amended to allow for constituent boards to provide counsel for each of the University’s faculties. In 1972, the trustees and the president decided to build on this earlier precedent by establishing Boards of Advisors.

The Penn Athletics Board of Advisors serves as bridge between Department of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics and the community beyond campus boundaries. Although Athletic Advisors do not have fiduciary responsibility, the President, Provost, Board of Trustees and Penn's Atheltic Director rely heavily on this group of individuals to provide counsel and stewardship in matters related to athletics and recreation. In addition, the Athletics Advisory Board is an important component of the Penn volunteer leadership structure and is essential to the athletic department's ability to engage volunteers at various levels. 

The Board of Advisors is a resource for identifying and cultivating leaders who may eventually serve on the Board of Trustees, and for providing existing or former trustees with an opportunity to lend their expertise to Penn Athletics.  The Penn Champions Club cannot thank them enough for their commitment and leadership of Penn Athletics.

Current Athletic Advisors:

James H. Greene, Jr., W72, Chair

Clinton A. Matter, C97 W97, Vice Chair

Mark B. Werner, C80, Vice Chair

Benjamin A. Breier, C93 W93

David M. Brush, C82

James S. Cohen, W80

William J. Constantine, C66 WG68

Jerry M. Cudzil, C97

Jeffrey G. Dishner, W87

Martin Ellis Franklin, C86

Frances M. Glomb, C94

Clay W. Hamlin III, W67 WG72

T. Gibbs Kane, Jr., W69

Gerald D. Knorr, W82 WG86

J. Douglas Kramer, W92

Robert J. LeFort, Jr., C76

Charles B. Leitner III, C81

Craig K. Littlepage, W73

Catherine M. O'Hern Lyons, C86

Ellen V. Masseur, C90

Scott S. Meuser, W84

Caryn N. Nightengale

Anthony Noto, WG99

Sam W. Oh, W92

Jane D. Ott, W87

David S. Pottruck*, C70 WG72

H. Elliott Rogers, Jr., C72 WG75

Jonathan D. Schwartz, W83

Adria M. Sheth, C97

John P. Shoemaker, C87

Howard A. Silverstein, W69

D. David Slosburg, W74

Tracey Pearl Specter, C84 LPS18

George A. Weiss*, W65 HON14

Jeffrey Charles Young, C86