Quick Facts: 

Name: Benton Turner

Graduation Year: 2017  

Sport: Squash

Position: Athlete

  1. What does the experience of being a Penn student-athlete mean to you?

At Penn, being a student athlete means a lot- in terms of prestige, commitment, sacrifice, and benefit. Primarily, it means pushing your mind and body to its highest potential. It requires commitment, discipline, and careful attention to schedule, because the hours shrink the amount of time you can put to extra studying and relaxation. That being said, the commitment of being a student athlete is enabling: workouts sharpen your mind and build mental stamina, which helps handle stressful academic workloads. Also, sports in college are simply fun and generally a great way to make relationships with well rounded people. In the end there are a ton of parallels and synergies between athletics and academics, and because of this I think that being a student athlete at Penn is an incredible opportunity. For me, squash at Penn is the thing that drives most happiness and stability to my life, and it seeps tremendously into everything else- academics, family, friends, etc.

  1. Hometown?

Greenwich, CT

  1. High school?

Brunswick School