Quick Facts: 

Name: Alexis Genske

Graduation Year: 2016

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Outside Hitter

  1. What does the experience of being a Penn student-athlete mean to you?

I consider myself extremely lucky to have teammates around me who support me one-hundred percent on and off the court. My closest friends are the other volleyball girls in my grade, because they understand the reasons why I love my sport and why I chose to come to Penn.

  1. Hometown?

Pasadena, CA

  1. High school?

Polytechnic School

  1. College and Major?

College of Arts and Sciences- Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) major

  1. Favorite Penn Sports moment to date?

Beating Harvard in their home gym my sophomore (2013) season.

  1. Favorite Class to date?

The Public Policy Process

  1. What does life after Penn look like (i.e.- ideal job, where you live, what will make you happy)?

Ideally I would like to move back to California and work there, possibly as a lawyer or policy analyst .

  1. Ultimate career goal?

Not sure yet, probably graduating law school or running for a public office.

  1. Favorite place to eat on campus?

Brysi Café – I’m addicted to their PB Banana smoothie

  1. Favorite place to eat off campus?

Hip City Veg

  1. Favorite Penn sporting event to attend (other than your own sport)?

Women’s soccer games

  1. iPhone or Android?


  1. What’s currently on your iPod?

Bon Iver for studying, Bastille for walking to class

  1. What’s on your DVR?

I’m currently watching Orange Is the New Black, Nashville, and How to Get Away With Murder. I’m also pretty into Game of Thrones.

  1. What’s the one place in Philly you take all those who visit you?

Redding Terminal Market!