Quick Facts: 

Name: Jenna Hebert     

Graduation Year: 2016

Sport: Women’s Rowing             

Position: Starboard

  1. What does the experience of being a Penn student-athlete mean to you?

Being an athlete at Penn has given me the opportunity to connect with my teammates and fellow athletes on a deeper level than most students can. My team is my family away from home, and I love that I am part of a community of people who understand the challenges and rewards of being a student-athlete. 

  1. Hometown?

Pittsburgh, PA

  1. High school?

Shady Side Academy

  1. College and Major?

Biological Basis of Behavior, Minor in French

  1. Favorite Penn Sports moment to date?

I remember how exciting it was to feel a real college athlete at my first race with the team when I finally got to put on the official Penn racing uniform. As a freshman, it was cool to wear Penn colors for the first time and represent my school.

  1. Favorite Class to date?

Drugs, Brain, and Mind

  1. What does life after Penn look like (i.e.- ideal job, where you live, what will make you happy)?

Wherever I end up, I hope that my body will allow me to always stay active. Whether that be rowing, running, swimming, or cycling, I just have too much energy to be a couch potato!

  1. Ultimate career goal?

Possibly neuroscience research in academia or industry

  1. Favorite place to eat on campus?

The salad bar at Houston 

  1. Favorite place to eat off campus?

Parc in Rittenhouse Square

  1. Favorite Penn sporting event to attend (other than your own sport)?


  1. iPhone or Android?


  1. What’s currently on your iPod?

Lots of Ed Sheeran, Hoodie Allen, and the Mowgli’s.

  1. What’s on your DVR?

I don’t have DVR, but I’m currently re-watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning on Netflix.

  1. What’s the one place in Philly you take all those who visit you?

Reading Terminal Market