Quick Facts: 

Name: Benjamin Cooley

Graduation Year: 2015

Sport: Golf

  1. What does the experience of being a Penn student-athlete mean to you?

Penn has been an amazing part of my life.  It is something I will remember and cherish. The experience of the education I received as well as the fun I was able to have while representing the University of Pennsylvania is something that cannot be replaced.

  1. Hometown?

Abington, Pennsylvania

  1. High school?

Abington Senior High School

  1. College and Major?

College of Arts & Sciences.  Major: Cognitive Science, concentrated in Neuroscience.

  1. Favorite Penn Sports moment to date?

Winning the Ivy League Championships in 2012.

  1. Favorite Class to date?

Cognitive Science

  1. What does life after Penn look like (i.e.- ideal job, where you live, what will make you happy)?

I am not completely sure just yet, but would definitely like to travel and see different parts of the country.  Initially I think I would like to explore job opportunities in the pacific northwest, and ultimately try to move there.

  1. Ultimate career goal?


  1. Favorite place to eat on campus?

Hard to beat Chipotle.

  1. Favorite place to eat off campus?

Gusto’s Pizza

  1. Favorite Penn sporting event to attend (other than your own sport)?

Big Five Basketball games.  The Palestra is the coolest building on campus.

  1. iPhone or Android?

Currently Android, but looking at the new iPhone.

  1. What’s currently on your iPod?

It has a little bit of everything: some classic rock, some alternative, and all sorts of rap.

  1. What’s on your DVR?

I wish I had one.  It would probably be full of movies and PGA Tour events.

  1. What’s the one place in Philly you take all those who visit you?

Always have to take people to get their first Philly cheesesteak.