Quick Facts: 

Name: Kana Daniel

Graduation Year: 2017

Sport: W Tennis

  1. What does the experience of being a Penn student-athlete mean to you?

It means an exciting, unique challenge with ups and downs with which I can give back to the team and Penn community in the future. The student-athlete lifestyle teaches me to treat pressure as a challenge and be grateful for everything I'm given. 

  1. Hometown?

Valencia, Spain

  1. High school?

Laurel Springs High School, Ojai CA

  1. College and Major?

Undeclared. SAS

  1. Favorite Penn Sports moment to date?

Spring break Vegas 2015

  1. Favorite Class to date?


  1. What does life after Penn look like (i.e.- ideal job, where you live, what will make you happy)?

Working in finance in a big city

  1. Ultimate career goal?

Become an entrepreneur  

  1. Favorite place to eat on campus?

Gia Pronto

  1. Favorite place to eat off campus?

Butcher & Singer

  1. Favorite Penn sporting event to attend (other than your own sport)?


  1. iPhone or Android?


  1. What’s currently on your iPod?

Kygo, Lana Del Rey, The Script, The Mowgli's, some 90's music, etc etc etc

  1. What’s on your DVR?

Blackjack 21. We are the Millers. Friends, How I met your mother

  1. What’s the one place in Philly you take all those who visit you?

The Schuylkill for a run and to a live music/concert at night