Student-Athlete Spotlight

Erin Barry, C'20 - Women's Lacrosse

1. Name: Erin Barry

2. Class Year: 2020

3. Sport: Women's Lacrosse

4. Position: Midfield

5. Why did you choose Penn?
I knew I wanted a school that was a top academic institution but could also compete at a national level on the lacrosse field. Penn offered me everything that I had ever dreamed about. Our team chemistry is unlike any team I’ve ever been a part of and for that I am truly so happy here. 

6. What does the experience of being a Penn Lacrosse student-athlete mean to you?
Being a Penn Lacrosse student-athlete is an unbelievable honor that I am thankful for every day. I have the opportunity to play the sport I love and get one of the best educations in the country. We work hard on and off the field and I take pride in wearing my ‘Penn Lacrosse’ apparel around campus and love what this team is all about. 

7. What would you say to the donors who invest in your experience as a Lacrosse student-athlete?
Thank you for your support. Without your donations it would be extremely difficult to compete at a national level. Your generosity allows our team to function smoothly, remain competitive, and continue to be successful. Thank you for making my experience here at Penn one I will never forget. 

8. What has been your favorite moment/memory with Penn Lacrosse?
One of my favorite moments with Penn Lacrosse was last spring when we played Princeton under the lights. Upon coming here, I had always imagined playing Princeton and wondered what that would feel like. When the time had finally come, I was a little nervous, but as I started playing that fear turned into confidence as we dominated. To beat such a talented team the first time I played them was an incredible feeling. 

9. What does life after Penn look like?
I hope to live and work in New York City. At this point, I am unsure of the exact career path I will follow after Penn. I recently declared my major in communications, and will remain open to any opportunities that cross my path over the next few years. 

10. What are some lessons that you have learned through athletics at Penn that will stay with you after graduation?
I have learned how to manage my time, even when I have 10 million things to do in one day. I have learned that you must put in the work in order to get where you want to go. I’ve learned how to work under high pressure situations. Most importantly, I’ve learned to never be late. As Coach Corbett would say, “being late is a sign of disrespect.”