Where does my support go?

Your philanthropy supports the priorities of the Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics, providing the resources that allow Penn Athletics to position our student-athletes to succeed year after year. 



Achieving greater competitive excellence

Your support helps offset the program's operational expenses, including equipment, uniforms, and travel, as well as strength & conditioning and student-services, keeping our student-athletes running, training, and winning each year competing against our peers within the Ivy League and nationally. 



Connecting student-athletes to life skills and life-changing experiences

Penn Athletics connects student-athletes to life skills and life-changing experiences through groundbreaking programs such as the Penn Athletics Wharton Leadership Academy, positioning our student-athletes to succeed on a broader playing field of success well beyond their four years on campus.  




Attracting and retaining the finest student-athletes and coaches

Your support allows Penn Athletics to invest in the people that are key to our continued success while attracting an even more diverse group of the world's finest student-athletes across all of our sports, and retaining the top coaching talent. 




Investing in wellness on and off the field

Penn Athletics is committed to investing in wellness on and off the field through innovative programming through our cutting-edge Sports Performance unit and a partnership with Penn Medicine, and inspiring best-in-class engagement by encouraging students to participate as recreational athletes and to be volunteers in our surrounding communities.  




Questions? Contact the Penn Champions Club

215-898-4717 | penncc@upenn.edu