Thank you for your interest in Penn Athletics. The Penn Athletics family takes extreme pride in our athletics program. Our coaches and administrators approach each day with the overarching goal of holistically developing all 1,000 of our student-athletes through world-class athletic experiences.  Penn’s athletics program is one that is filled with great tradition and incredible success, neither of which would have been possible without the steadfast support from donors like you from one generation to the next.

The Penn Champions Club is the backbone of our fundraising efforts.  It exists because of the financial commitment thousands of individuals have made to its mission of providing opportunities for Penn student-athletes.  Your philanthropic support plays a pivotal role in our ability to meet the escalating costs of intercollegiate athletics while still providing a world-class academic and athletic experience.

The Penn Champions Club’s primary purpose is generating the necessary funds to assist in covering the operating costs associated with 33 varsity sports. Due to the generosity of our supporters we are able to provide our student-athletes with elite coaching, academic support, mentoring opportunities, cutting-edge equipment and the opportunity to travel to play the best competition throughout the United States.

Your investment in the Penn Champions Club is an investment not only in the rich tradition of Penn Athletics, but also in the future of our student-athletes.  Your generosity will allow current student-athletes to thrive during their four years on campus, while providing them with the necessary foundation to be successful for the next 40 years of their lives. I encourage you to join us in our efforts to provide these exemplary individuals with the tools to succeed in life.

Thank you for your support and Go Penn!


Dr. M. Grace Calhoun
Director of Athletics and Recreation