Quick Facts: 

Name: Patrik Garren

Graduation Year: 2018

Sport: Wrestling

Position: Heavyweight

1.       What does the experience of being a Penn student-athlete mean to you?
The experience of being a Penn student-athlete means to me, that I will be develop attribute on and off the mat that will prepare me for a highly successful life. I am forever grateful of this opportunity to attend the University of Pennsylvania, the greatest school in the country, while receiving a world-class education that will guide me after my wrestling days are over.
2.       Hometown?
Columbus, Ohio
3.      High school?
Bishop Ready High School
4.       College and Major?
College of Arts and Sciences, Health and Societies
5.       Favorite Penn Sports moment to date?My favorite Penn sports moment is the first time I stepped on the mat with the entire team.
6.       Favorite Class to date?
Evolutionary Biology
7.       What does life after Penn look like (i.e.- ideal job, where you live, what will make you happy)?
My life after Penn is far from set in stone. I have expressed interest in the health care field, genetic research, environmental studies, and conservation science. I hope to make a positive impact wherever I decide to continue my career. 
8.       Ultimate career goal?
Although I do not have a certain trajectory set, I plan to continue my education to earn a MD or Ph.D.
9.       Favorite place to eat on campus?
10.   Favorite place to eat off campus?
Brazilian Steakhouse
11.   Favorite Penn sporting event to attend (other than your own sport)?
12.   iPhone or Android?
13.   What’s currently on your iPod?
Indie Music
14.   What’s on your DVR?
15.   What’s the one place in Philly you take all those who visit you?