Penn Athletics Legacy Circle, Member 2016

Penn Athletics has long served as a tremendous point of pride among Quakers, bringing together generations of alumni and fans to cheer for the Red and Blue. To help ensure that our student-athletes can continue competing while maintaining success in the classroom, Dennis P. Malone has established a charitable gift annuity for Penn Athletics.

“The task of getting the right student-athletes into the University and having them perform at the highest level is certainly daunting,” Dennis said. “However, when all of that hard work eventually results in winning seasons and championships, it is very rewarding.”

To maximize the benefits of his support of Men’s Lacrosse, Football, and Basketball, Dennis worked with Penn’s Office of Gift Planning to channel his philanthropy in order to help our student-athletes to flourish and bolster the department’s tradition of winning.

Dennis’ charitable gift annuity secures his membership in the Penn Athletics Legacy Circle. His commitment will go a long way in strengthening the vitality of his alma mater for years to come, and he is honored to be giving back to an institution that had such a positive impact on his life.