Student-Athlete Spotlight

Kevin McGeary - Lacrosse

1. Name: Kevin McGeary

2. Class Year: Junior, Class of 2018

3. Sport: Lacrosse

4. Position: Midfield

5. Why did you choose Penn?
At the start of the lacrosse recruiting process I did not think I wanted to go to Penn because I only live about 30 minutes away. After visiting the school, meeting the team, and speaking with the coaching staff I really fell in love with the place. It was really the closeness of the team that drew me in. I also knew that coming here would give me the opportunity to compete for championships and get a first class education.

6. What does the experience of being a Penn Lacrosse student-athlete mean to you? 
Being a member of Penn lacrosse for the last three years has truly been an honor. It is an experience that most college students don’t get to have and I am thankful for all that the team has done for me. I have been able to learn a lot of valuable skills/lessons and most importantly have been able to build life-long relationships with my teammates and coaches.

7. What has been your favorite moment/memory with Penn Lacrosse?
My favorite memories so far are probably the two one-goal wins we had over Harvard the last two years. Hopefully by the time I am done here I will have had a new favorite moment.

8. What has been your favorite class to date and why?
My favorite so far is probably my Philosophy of Space and Time class. I like it because it is something I previously did not know much about. It is very interesting learning about black holes, time travel, and various other things about our universe.

9. What does life after Penn look like?
I am not set on anything right now, but ideally I would like to work in some part of the financial services industry in New York.

10. What are some lessons that you have learned through athletics at Penn that stay with you after graduation?
Penn athletics has taught me a lot. I have learned what it takes to be a good teammate and friend, which will be useful in whatever career I go in to. I have also been fortunate enough to learn other important lessons like what a strong work ethic looks like, how to respond to failure, and how to work as both a leader and follower.

11. Last year, over 483 Penn Lacrosse alumni, family and friends made a financial contribution to your program to help provide you with things like equipment, training tools, uniforms, travel to away meets, meals on the road, sports medicine and sports performance.  What would you say to those who invest in your experience as a Lacrosse student-athlete?   
I would like to give them a big thank you. The Penn lacrosse family has been so generous and has helped to make this a truly first class experience. One day I hope to be able to give back as much as those who came before me have.