Student-Athlete Spotlight
Justin Watson, W'18
Football - Wide Receiver


Why did you choose Penn?

I chose Penn because it has a fantastic academic reputation, an unmatched football tradition, and the athletics program has a family culture.

What does the experience of being a Penn Football student-athlete mean to you?

It means that I truly embody the term "student-athlete".  Being a Penn student-athlete is the best of both worlds, a world-class education and Division 1 athletics.

What has been your favorite moment/memory with Penn Football?

My favorite moment was winning a second consecutive championship at Cornell this year.  Those seniors felt like older brothers to me and it was an awesome way to send them off.

What has been your favorite class to date and why?

My favorite class has been MGMT 101, Introduction to Management.  We focused on how to motivate members of a team and how to change a company's or team's culture.  I have found these skills to be useful in my class groups as well as on the football field.

What does life after Penn look like (where you live, what you will be doing)?

I hope to continue to play football in the NFL for any team that will give me a chance to.  That has always been my lifelong dream.  After that, I plan to work in NYC in investment banking.

What are some lessons that you have learned through athletics at Penn that will stay with you after graduation?

Whatever I do in life, Penn athletics has taught me to do it the very best of my ability.  Being a student-athlete can be challenging at times but I am sure these lessons will carry me through the rest of my life. 

Last year, over 570 Penn Football alumni, family and friends made a financial contribution to your program to help provide you with things like equipment, training tools, uniforms, travel to away meets, meals on the road, sports medicine and sports performance.  What would you say to those who invest in your experience as a Football student-athlete?

Thank you.  I love being a student-athlete at Penn and my life wouldn't be possible without you.  Our team truly appreciates all you provide for us and we are eager to give back once we are alumni.